Training Times

Last session of Autumn Term: Thursday 16 December 2021 (Fun Session!)

Training Times 2022


First session: Thursday 6 January 2022
Last session: Thursday 31 March 2022
Half term break: 14-18 February 2022


First session: Tuesday 19 April 2022
Last session: Thursday 21 July 2022
Half term break: 30 May–3 June 2022

Note: no swimming on bank holidays

Current schedule:

JUNIOR SQUAD7:15-8:00pm5:30-6:30pm
SENIOR SQUAD7:30-9:00pm7:30-9:00pm

We are really pleased in that we are now back to our pre-Covid training hours for all squads, and actually have managed to secure an extra half hour for the Senior Squad, compared to their previous hours.

As usual, your attendance is your choice, and we have no required attendance. However, if you feel like you will not be returning to swimming, please do let us know as we have a very long waiting list of swimmers desperate for a place in the Club.