Training Times

Our swimming timetable has changed, due to Bromley High School pool availability and policies. Hopefully, this will only be temporary, but in the meantime, this is our new schedule:

JUNIOR SQUAD7.30-8.15pm on alternate Mondays, starting on 14 September 20205.30-6.30pm
INTERMEDIATE SQUAD7.30-8.15pm on alternate Mondays starting on 21 September 20206.30-7.30pm
SENIOR SQUAD8.15-9.00pm every Monday7.30-9.00pm

As you can see, we have had to adjust our Monday hours, and in order to make this as fair as possible, we will have the Junior and Intermediate squads alternate each Monday, starting with Junior Squad on 14 September 2020. Senior squad will swim twice a week. As usual, your attendance is your choice, and we have no required attendance. However, if you feel like you will not be returning to swimming, please do let us know as we have a very long waiting list of swimmers desperate for a place.

Term dates:

Monday 14 September 2020 – Thursday 17 December 2020

Half term Monday 19 October 2020 – Friday 30 October 2020

2021 dates to be confirmed