Return to Swimming – April 2021

Dear Parents and Swimmers,                                                                                      

We are so excited to be starting our training again, and can’t wait to have all our swimmers back in the pool. Thank you again to those parents who have continued to support us during this unpredictable year.

Firstly, we have some very exciting news – we have managed to secure more pool time at Bromley High! Pool time is very difficult to come by, and we are so grateful to the school for offering us the extra time, albeit on a Tuesday evening. With this being said, we will need to change our schedule slightly, and please see the table below for the new changes. The main focus point of our new schedule is that the Senior Squad will move from a Monday evening to a Tuesday evening, and will double their time in the water compared to our previous covid swimming time. This will be so beneficial to our Seniors, who need the extra time in the water to get in some more mileage, and more time to focus on the technique and stamina aspects in one session.

Also, on a positive note, is that our Junior squads and Intermediate squads will now BOTH be able to train on a Monday night (instead of the alternating weeks) which is also very exciting and will be hugely advantageous to all swimmers. When only seeing some children once every fortnight during Covid times, it was difficult to teach our younger swimmers the technical aspects of swimming, especially the starts, turns and stroke correction. Now, we can offer them training every week on a Monday and also encourage them to attend the Thursday session too, to get the maximum benefit out of the coaching sessions.

JUNIOR SQUAD7.30pm-8.15pm 5.30-6.30pm
INTERMEDIATE SQUAD8.15pm-9.00pm 6.30-7.30pm
SENIOR SQUAD 7.30pm-9.00pm7.30-9.00pm

Our dates for the new term are Monday 19 April – Thursday 22 July 2021. No swimming at BHS during half term from Mon 31 May- Friday 4 June and no swimming on bank holiday 3 May.

We hope that the new schedule works for all our seniors. Please do be in touch if you need alternative arrangements, e.g. Perhaps arriving late/leaving early as I realise that some of you may have other clubs on that evening.

Wednesday sessions at the Walnuts will hopefully continue as normal, although I have not heard anything from them yet about our restart date. I will let you know as soon as I hear.

Please also bear in mind that when all the Covid restrictions are lifted (and cleaning times between clubs removed again), we may have to rearrange the schedule again. However, we can think about that when the time comes. For now, I hope that you are as excited as the coaches are, to be able to take advantage of more pool time, and get our kids back in the water

We also ask that you re-instate your direct debit for £35 per month from 1 May 2021. If you are not planning to return to swimming, please do let me know as we have a long waiting list of swimmers looking for a place with CMSS.

Due to Covid restriction still in place, we are in need of Covid Helpers at the pool for every session, and I would really appreciate more parent volunteers please. The more people we have offering their help, the less time each parent will need to dedicate – please, let’s share the load! If you feel like you could spare the time, while your child trains, do email me. It is not a difficult job – but it is a vital role that Swim England has in place and our training cannot resume without it. This term, I am particularly needing a Junior Squad parent volunteer on some Mondays and Thursdays. Thank you again to those parents who have helped out during the past year, you are all amazing and we are so grateful for your support!

Please bear in mind that ALL the usual Covid restrictions remain in place in and around the pool/school and we ask that all parents and swimmers adhere to the current rules and guidelines. Swimmers are to maintain social distancing when arriving at the pool, must arrive ‘beach-ready’ and leave the pool after training without using the changerooms (as we did before). No shoes will be allowed on poolside. If anyone needs a reminder about the rules, please look on our website, where you will find the video link and previous guidelines for our return to swimming.

If anyone is in need of new kit, please see the table below and details on how to order:

Hats £5

Please email Lucy Hutton at to order. Kit will be left at poolside for your swimmer to collect. Payment should be made to the club bank account once you are happy with the item.

We will also be ordering in new CMSS Hoodies, which will be navy with our CMSS logo in white. There may be an option to print your child’s name/initials on the back. Costs range from approximately £20-£25 depending on sizing, and we will email you more details when we have heard back from our suppliers.

We look forward to seeing all Junior and Intermediate Swimmers on Monday 19th April, and Senior Squad swimmers on Tuesday 20th April.

Kind regards

Kim & Committee members